• 25 Sep 2018

    The European Covenant of Mayors joins the RE-Source platform

    The European Covenant of Mayors has recently joined the RE-Source platform.

    RE-Source is a European alliance of stakeholders representing clean energy buyers and suppliers for corporate renewable energy sourcing. This platform pools resources and coordinates activities to promote a better framework for corporate renewable energy sourcing at EU and national level.

    The potential for corporate sourcing of renewable energy in Europe is significant and largely untapped. RE-Source is the first and only multi-stakeholder platform in Europe bringing together the interests of both buyers and sellers, to unlock the potential of a new and promising financing stream for renewable energies.

    The platform has multiple objectives:

    • Influence EU and national renewable energy and energy market legislation
    • Raise awareness and educate all stakeholders on the advantages of sourcing renewable energy and the huge untapped opportunity
    • Centralise and disseminate information on renewable energy sourcing
    • Provide business opportunities by connecting renewable energy buyers with sellers
    • Bring together key players from the energy sector, corporates and governments at the annual RE-Source event.

    For more information, please visit http://resource-platform.eu