• 15 Jul 2020

    See2Do! - Innovative energy-saving measures in Breda

    The Covenant's signatory Breda (The Netherlands) is motivating its inhabitants' to take energy efficiency actions thanks to the See2Do! project.

    See2Do! uses thermographic images to push homeowners to implement energy saving measures. Residents then receive energy-saving advice and are assisted in the implementation of energy-saving measures by various partners. The main goal of this project is to motivate private individuals and local authorities to make their home or building more energy efficient.

    In the framework of the project, the city also aims to lead by example, by showcasing innovative energy efficiency solutions used in the City Council's demonstration buildings - the one that have higher foot-traffic. For example, a wall paint that reflects 20% more heat and light, considerably reducing the need for heating or a thermal energy cooling system for the server room of the municipality.

    Since 2018, Breda also has a mobile information station called "The Greenhopper" - run by the local energy cooperative Bres - that travels around the city informing residents on energy efficiency measures. 

    Want to know more? Read our latest Covenant Case Study, also available in Dutch.